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FREE SHIPPING on order over $150
Our physical store is OPEN, but we still have alternate shopping methods available.

Tuesday - Saturday     11am - 5pm

If you're not comfortable coming into the store during store hours at this time, we have options!
Window Shopping (as always)if you see something you like in our window, on FB or Instagram, you can phone, email, or FB message us for more information
Curbside Shopping - you can stand outside & we can bring/show you items from a safe distance (cash or card payment options)
Private Shopping - you can phone, email, or FB message us to schedule an appointment (available most days & times we aren't open)
Online Shopping - while we have limited items in our webstore, we are continuing to add items (various payment & delivery options)

A few notes before you enter our store
We will give you hand sanitizer before you enter or touch anything.

While we still encourage you to look & shop, we ask that you practice physical distancing while you do so.

What we need you to do

If you are sick, please do not enter our store, if you need to cough or sneeze, please do so into your arm or sleeve, when you make a purchase, please

stand behind the plexiglass screen.

What we are doing

Remaining behind the counter unless you require help with something, cleaning high-touch surfaces regularly, wearing a mask to protect you, accepting payments by cash or card

A note from Cindy & Kate,

As small businesses start to reopen, please keep in mind that we have just survived
what is likely to be our most challenging times both personally & financially.

While we are excited to be open & see you, we
are still going through a very stressful time & it isn't yet through.

Please don't go into small businesses & complain or joke about changes they've
 been forced to make at this time. These changes in protocol, staffing,
pricing, & hours are being made for your safety as well as the safety of staff.
Know that these changes are affecting them (us) in ways you don't see.

The business you go into today isn't the same one you visited many months ago.
Small businesses are doing the best they (we) can in this situation & are still adapting.

Please be kind. Please be compassionate. Please be patient.

We're going to need your help to get through
this battle in the coming weeks, months, & years.

Please support your local, small businesses & know that they (we) appreciate your support more than we can say.

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  • Tuesday - Saturday
  • 11am - 5pm
  • If you can't make it in during regular hours, please give us a call to schedule an appointment!
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