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Our physical store is OPEN,

but we still have alternate shopping methods available


Tuesday 7th to Saturday 11th

11am to 3pm

Alternate Shopping


A note from Cindy & Kate

As small businesses start to reopen, please keep in mind that they [we] have just survived

what is likely to be their [our] most challenging times both personally & financially.

While the owners [we] are excited to be open & see you, they [we]

are still going through a very stressful time & it isn't through yet.

Please don't go into small businesses & complain or joke about changes they've

[we've] been forced to make at this time. These changes in protocol, staffing,

pricing, & hours are being made for your safety as well as the safety of staff.

Know that these changes are affecting them [us] in ways you don't see.

The business you go into today isn't the same as the one you visited three months ago.

Small businesses are doing the best they [we] can in this situation & are still adapting.


 Please be kind. Please be compassionate. Please be patient. 


They're [we're] going to need your help to get through

this battle in the coming weeks, months, & years.


Please support your local small businesses & know that they [we] greatly appreciate your support.

What you need to know

before you enter our store!

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