Seed Bomb, butterfly flutter

SKU: 110408

Just throw Canadian-designed & hand-rolled seed bombs into dirt & water to grow up to 1 square foot of wildflower meadow! Made of clay, worm castings, wildflower species, & a dash of cayenne pepper to keep the squirrels away, these seed bombs are not only a great food source for pollinators, but create a stunning & long-lasting wildflower meadow!

We thank you for supporting butterflies in our community ecosystem!

  • Specifics

    Each bag includes 4 seed bombs.

    This blend contributes to conservation efforts & gain a beautiful, lush wildflower garden. Seed bombs include seeds from 5 different species with blooms times varying from late spring to early fall.

    Butterfly Milkweed, Purple Prairie Clover, Beardtongue, White Aster, Wild Lupine

  • Instructions for Use

    All that is required to grow a wildflower meadow is simply throw or place seed bombs on the ground & water, or wait for rain to hit them. Once water breaks down the clay, the wildflowers begin sprouting. The wildflowers will grow up to a square foot per seed bomb & vary in blooming time, ensuring a full Spring to Fall meadow.