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Our physical store is CLOSED right now,

but we have alternate shopping methods available

Alternate Shopping


CLOSED until July 1st

Thank you to everyone who has come in or purchased online & curbside the past few weeks, it has been wonderful to be open again.

We have decided we need to regroup right now so we're going to

close the store for the next couple of weeks - June 14th to June 30th.

We have a new computer system & new website being installed, some new products coming in & with the existing safety measures in place & the fact that Cindy will be out of commission for a couple of months, we're just not able to keep up with it all at once. :)

We will continue to offer PRIVATE SHOPPING -

just call or email & Kate will set up a time to meet you here.
CURBSIDE PICKUP or DELIVERY - purchase online or by calling or emailing &

we'll have your purchase ready for pick up or we can deliver it to you.
Our phone will be forwarded so we have access to messages.

We will reopen on July 1st 11am to 3pm.
Our hours will be 11am to 3pm Tuesday to Saturday after that.

In July we are going to have weekly sales which will be

announced on Facebook & our website. We're also extending our 40%

off select clothing 'pay the rent' sale until the end of July.

Thank you all for your continued support, we really appreciate it!

Cindy & Kate 

What you need to know

before you enter our store!

A note from Cindy & Kate

As small businesses start to reopen, please keep in mind that they [we] have just survived

what is likely to be their [our] most challenging times both personally & financially.

While the owners [we] are excited to be open & see you, they [we]

are still going through a very stressful time & it isn't through yet.

Please don't go into small businesses & complain or joke about changes they've

[we've] been forced to make at this time. These changes in protocol, staffing,

pricing, & hours are being made for your safety as well as the safety of staff.

Know that these changes are affecting them [us] in ways you don't see.

The business you go into today isn't the same as the one you visited three months ago.

Small businesses are doing the best they [we] can in this situation & are still adapting.


 Please be kind. Please be compassionate. Please be patient. 


They're [we're] going to need your help to get through

this battle in the coming weeks, months, & years.


Please support your local small businesses & know that they [we] greatly appreciate your support.